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About the Ethical Dog Breeder

Are you looking for a trustworthy french bulldog (or other breed) breeder? Then, read below and understand what you should be looking for:

An ethical, responsible breeder who preserves their breed should:

- Health test their dogs for the most common diseases of their breed. This does not mean blood works simply; it means to test them for, for example, luxating patellas, dysplasya, heart diseases, throat problems... To speak about health testing is easy; showing results is completely different.

- Be responsible for their babies and adult dogs, for all their lives. If a breeder has done everything they could to have safe and sound babies, then he should not be held guilty if a dog off their breeding program is sick or gets sick along their lives; however, they ARE responsible for it and should deal with it.

- Breed if and only both parents have what it takes to improve the breed. And that is structure wise as well as temperament and health wise. Good breeders only breed their dogs when they mean to keep something off those lines.

- Select the right home for each and every baby or retiree they have. That means to not put a dalmatian in a tiny appartment or a frenchie with a 9-to-5 working family!

- Not resell their puppies, especially to pet shops or brokers. Good breeders will always make a point to get to know you and ask for references.

- Have a limited numbers of litters per year. It is a huge job that of picking a breeding, inseminating, c-section, after label, taking care of newborns, staying up nights and nights, socializing babies and finding them adequate homes when it is time. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do a thorough job if a breeder has many litters a year, symultaneously. When you aim for quality, you can't aim for number too. Always be wary of those who always have puppies available.

- Have and demand a written agreement, with disclosured health guarantees of pups.

- Keep informed about the whereabouts of the dogs off their breeding programas, and from time to time, get / ask for pictures and news of them, their health and other issues. A good breeder is always available to the puppies' owners, for all of the puppies' lives, literally, always ready to be a reference to their new family and even get the frenchie back at any life stage.

- Be honest about the puppy that is about to be handed over, especially about their temperament and the good and bad things about the breed. Keep a foot behind if the breeder only has nice things to say about the breed, the parents and their breeding program. Be alert if the breeder does not care who is getting their precious baby and seems like they just want to profit, the end.

- Besides going to dog shows, they must worry about health, temperament and other genetic concerns of the breed; and to know that not all breeds are meant for all kinds of people, and that not everyone is fit to be a breeder.

- Promote the responsible ownership and Limited Registry to whomever is looking for a pet dog.

It is not easy to find ethical, responsible breeders, but it is not impossible either. The headaches you will save in the future are priceless, so do not give up!