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Limited Registry

It is not unusual for us, breeders, to see scandals such as fake Pedigrees, people reproducing their ill dogs, sometimes with genetic diseases to pass on, people reproducing their bitches every season nonstop, dogs that are crated 24/7 and never know what it's like to live in a family, and so on. These are people that call themselves breeders when in fact they are ruining the breed, being cruel to their dogs and thinking about profiting, not about the well being of their dogs, pups and new owners. Most of the time it takes patience, time and knowledge about the breed and its breeders to get to know who is a well intentioned real breeder and who is a puppy mill or import broker.

For a true breeder, the one who puts all efforts possible into sepparating those two distinct groups of people, the one who health tests, the one who guarantees their puppies' health, the one who cares about the puppy and not the money, the one who will be there for you throughout the puppy's whole life, it is to say the least a tragedy if one of their puppies falls into the wrong hands of one of those "dog pimps" and harms their whole life's work, not to mention the breed.

That is why all of the Vixbull french bulldogs destined for company, besides coming with their usual guarantees, papers, healthy and well taken care of, leave with a Limited Registry. This means that the new owner agrees not to reproduce their French Bulldog. In some cases we may require to spay/neuter the pet, or even arrange the pet to be spayed/neutured prior to the puppy going for its forever home.

As some might think, breeding is not an easy way to profit. There are many costs that breeding dogs involve. Some of these costs are: healt tests, stud fee, artificial inseminations, c-sections, ultrasounds, supplements, vitamins, the best kind of food possible, veterinary visits, quality shots, worming... And not to mention other costs, like dog shows, being available to take care of puppies (especially in the first few days when you don't sleep at all), hours and hours and hours researching the breed, reading books, talking to other breeders about structure / health / genetics / bloodlines... And, of course, after all that, there is announcing puppies, finding owners that will not abandon the dog because "it's crying overnight" or "it pees everywhere", giving extense health guarantees that will cover some treatment that a puppy might need or even to give back all the money, being available to the new owners for all of the puppy's life, even if they cannot keep the dog anymore at some point.

Being a breeder is having a commitment to the breed, to the people that supported your work as a breeder and trusted you when they acquired one of your babies. Being a breeder is having an eternal commitment to the puppies that were born through your decisions. Being a breeder is, above all, having the dogs' interests above any kind of profit.

And that is why it's not an overstatement when we say that a good breeder tries hard to break even in the end.

If you are prepared to choose to be a breeder, be aware of the costs and risks that this decision may bring into your life. Be aware of the hard work, the terrifying situations that may arise. Dead dams, dead puppies, dead litters, endless sleepless nights, devastating veterinary bills and much studying are some of the prices you have to be prepared to pay, in order to get the breeding rewards - the puppies.

The truth is, that until you hold a dead puppy in your hands, a puppy that you took care of ever since it was born, a puppy you waited for anxiously, you can't know what a loss like that is. Until your girl dies from complications of a mating you planned and decided, you can't know what regretment is. Serious breeders know of all that, and relutanctly accept the possibilities that may arise.

Adapted from:
French Bulldog Z - Breeding Risks and Rewards