Vixbull - French Bulldog Breeder in Louisiana - Puppies for Sale

Our Breeding Principles

We breed and raise French Bulldogs because we love the company of our dogs. We thoroughly enjoy taking care of the little frenchies when they're born, participating in their development stages and watching them become well structured grown dogs, always as lovely as their parents or even better. It is a part of our day-to-day life to research and not only study the breed, its standard, genetics, phenotypes of well-known dogs, as well as admiring renowned breeders and their breeding programs around the world in which we mirror ourselves, but also the nonstopping work to get dogs that look as closely as possible to what the breed standard describes.

We have a small number of frenchies because they are a part of our family and we want to give them as much attention as possible. For that reason, also, we plan our litters very carefully, so they are not very frequent, but higly special to us. We offer guarantees of our French Bulldogs' health. We health test our dogs prior to any matings and we always try to plan the best mating possible for our girls, not only taking looks, temperament and health into consideration, but also genetics.

Our Frenchies, young and adults, participate in dog shows and are judged according to the Breed Standard by judges coming from all parts of America and the world.

Our puppies and adult dogs are raised with much love and care, always in the presence of children, music and movement. They are helathy and playful, always vaccinated and well taken care of. The puppies stay in the company of their mother until at least 10 weeks old and preferrably until at least 12 weeks old.

All of our bat-eared dogs participate in our lives and don't live isolated in kennels or crated 24/7. Our frenchies' well being is much more important than any dog shows, matings or sales. We look for the best "forever homes" possible for our babies, with owners who have a lifestyle that will suit a French Bulldog. We are available for a VIXBULL baby owner to solve problems and doubts for all life of their French Bulldog, litterally.

We manage to make the socializing period of each puppy to be an unique part of their lives, one in which it got used to other dogs, children, movement... And, consequently, they go to their new home ready to become a joyful, curious and healthy dog, that will be a part of your life for many years to come.