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Bulldog Francês - Conheça a Raça

Small, compact, cobby, with a pushed-in face and bat ears, meet the French Bulldog, or just Frenchie. This small dog is making more and more fans anywhere he goes. Some that don't know them may think they're evil or bad tempered for their exotic appearance. However, it takes only five minutes in the presence of a Frenchie to know that their sweetness and charisma know no limits.


The French Bulldog, or Bouledogue Français in French, is a breed that owes its existance to at least three different countries: England, France and USA. England helped with the breed basis, the Old Bulldog. French breeders shaped these small Bulldogs into a distinct french type, and American breeders were the first to demand the well-known bat ears.

Today, the French Bulldog is an excellent companion dog, and one of the most special breeds there is. Already his funny outlook amuses people, not to mention his temperament. So it is hard indeed to make a walk with the Frenchie without drawing attention. Few people can suppress a smile when seeing a French Bulldog and the bravest ones approach and try to guess which breed this peculiar little dog is.


This little bull generally weighs between 8 and 14 kg, and is around 35 cm high. Regardless of his small size the French Bulldog is very masculine and sporty, like a miniature bull. Usually the first thing that draws ones attention to this little Frenchman is his big square head with two big bat ears and big round wide set eyes. The nose is extremely broad and large, the skin around the head two sizes too big. The tail is innately very short, sometimes almost non-existing, although the tail is NOT docked. The same applies to the bat like ears, which very soon after birth stays upright. You can keep reading about what a french bulldog looks like here.

The French Bulldog may seem very clumsy but he moves surprisingly gracefully. Few people can catch a running Frenchie not to mention being able to outrun him.


Although the temperament of men as the temperament of dogs is different the Frenchman most often is a real source of joy in the life of his owner. The Frenchie is extremely fond of children feeling some kind of companionship with them. When seeing a child the French Bulldog is filled with enthusiasm, he wants at once to play with "this lovely two-legged creature". The Frenchie also likes to be the centre of attention so one must quite sincerely admit that the Frenchman is not meant to be a watchdog.

The French Bulldog is astoundingly full of himself so they have no need to bark or fear other dogs. This is clearly a trait that baffles other dogs because it is not a customary behaviour of little dogs. So the Frenchie has to be a tiny tiny puppy of a big big dog... or a French Bulldog.


One of the special traits of the Frenchie is the ability to adjust him to anything (at least almost anything). With a Frenchie you can do anything you like and live everywhere. The French Bulldog is always willing to make long walks or short romps or to play with you but on the other hand they are far too comfort-loving to do anything at all.

Naturally the French Bulldog likes to live in the countryside but they also fit nicely into suburban living. Usually most Frenchies never bark so the neighbours do not always even know there is a dog living on the other side of the wall.


In addition the need of exercise for the French Bulldog is entirely dependant of the owner's taste. The French Bulldog is quite happy just going out around the block or he might like really big long walks. But before that, learn more about what a brachycephalic breed is and what you should be aware of before going out for walks.

Vis-a-vis the company he keeps the French Bulldog is not very selective, if necessary he plays happily alone with himself. As the Frenchie is a born leader there might sometimes occur problems with big dogs if the bigger dogs do not give up voluntarily the leadership. But sometimes the big ones do not always comprehend that they have already given up the leadership because they have difficulties in dealing with this eternal child...


The worst thing about the Frenchie is the dependency that he creates in his owner. After having experienced a life with a Frenchman you are liable to find other breeds a real bore. You have to take in consideration that the French Bulldog has some weaknesses due to his body structure. They're not a good swimmer, so falling into water may end fatally. Also the danger for heat strokes is great so it is not recommended to take long walks on sunny days. Some skin problems may occur, typical for dogs with short hair as well as some heart or spine diseases typical for small breeds. Generally speaking the breeds with a broad and large nose do not live long, and this applies also to the French Bulldog.


Regardless of how critical you try to be towards the Frenchie you always end up with the same conclusion. It is no doubt the best breed in the world, at least worthwhile to make acquaintance with. So we can finish off by saying that the Frenchman is not just any breed but rather a concept.


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- The French Bulldog Club of Finland

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