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Caring for your French Bulldog

Below is a collection of some of our favorite products. They have worked successfully with our Frenchies or we have very similar ones. When in doubt, always consult your vet, and if you have a Vixbull Pup, feel free to drop me a line.

- Your puppy is currently eating FROMM GOLD HOLISTIC PUPPY (pink bag).
- As an adult, we recommend Acana Limited Ingredients: Pork and Butternut Squash and/or Lamb and Apple. Here we feed both and just switch them around so they always get a new flavor and get so excited. We always recommend using a grain-free kibble with a protein source of other than "chicken". Frenchies usually do not do so well with chicken. But if needed, chicken based kibble can be given, it's just not preferred.
- Other great foods that we recommend are: Orijen, ZiwiPeak, Nature's Variety Instinct. For optimum nutrition, you can look into raw feeding. There are many options that deliver frozen pet food. However in that case you will likely need to get an extra freezer for them and it may not be as practical.
- Don't forget your treats and stainless steel bowls!

- Try to keep nails always short. You can use a nail clipper if preferred but we like and recommend nail grinders such as dremel, on the lowest speed. Here is a great tutorial. Don't forget to get styptic powder for any little accidents. If you get your pup used to the dremel from the start, then he will learn to be ok with it.
- Our favorite shampoo is the MinkSheen one! It smells so good and clean, and you are supposed to dillute it so it lasts for a loooong time!
- Don't forget a good ear cleaner, some people also really like the pads.

- We encourage crate training! Here is a great one. Precision brand is our favorite, it lasts forever and it has two doors. They even have them in blue and pink. But there are other brands available. Make sure you get the 24 in size.
- Try not to get excited and get many cute and expensive beds for your new baby. He will likely pee, chew or otherwise ruin a couple of them. It's always a good idea to start with a simple crate pad (or 2-3 just so you can throw them in the wash) and then graduate from there :)
- Training pads are always VERY useful to have around.
- To travel, this is our favorite carrier. Size large. So many colors to choose from! Awesome for airplane rides or to go to the vet. A must have.

- We recommend avoiding public places until your baby has had rabies for a few weeks. But until then, you can get a leash and collar. A slip collar or a martingale are the two kinds we recommend, it all depends on what you and your puppy best addapt to. We don't really like harnesses as it does not help with training your new baby.
- Don't forget your poo poo bags.

- What works well here is that I leave out 2-3 toys at a time and put the rest of them out. Then I rotate them every few days. They get so excited!
- We absolutely LOVE NylaBones! The certain hits are the wishbone, the Dinosaur, this ring, the double bone, this awesome double action bone, the orange spiral bone, the cause of many jealousy fits - the key ring, and the smooth ring. But there are many to get. Don't forget to check if it's suitable for powerful, mild chewers or teething pups and see what works best for your pup! - A frisbee can be fun, just remember to hydrate and to not run around like crazy when it's hot outside.
- Our dogs also love KONGs! KONG Cozie and KONG Braidz are a hit among puppies.
- We recommend natural antlers for your Frenchie to chew, such as Elk antlers and Deer antlers. Just make sure they are bigger than their mouth. They last forever!
- Don't forget to update their toys as they grow and frequently inspect them. At any sign of tear or puncture, discard of the toy to keep it from becoming a hazard.

- Look for a good cool coat, something like this one. It helps on hot days, but do NOT leave your Frenchie out unsupervised!
- My Frenchies love playing with ice cubes. It can be messy but fun!
- A cooling pet pad can help around the house and also in the car (inside a crate please!) when going somewhere during summer.