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Vixbull Family

Meet the Vixbull extended family - Frenchies and their humans! If you want your Vixbull frenchie to be here, write us an email with a note and a picture.

We adopted our sweet Benny boy in March 2016. Our family wasn't complete until we added Benny.

Upon finding Vivianne we did lots of research. We knew we didn't want a breeder who pumped out lots of Frenchies but a breeder who loved her dogs and the breed. From the first time I spoke with Vivianne I knew I wanted one of her puppies! She was super knowledgeable about Frenchies. She made it clear to me that she wanted the best home for her babies. I appreciated that. Vivianne let us know what crate, what food, and everything in between we would need for our new baby. Not only did we add another family member we also gained a friend in Vivianne. You cannot go wrong with her Frenchies.

Alicia W. - Montana (May 2017)

I met Vivianne when my husband and I wanted to get a second Frenchie. Knowing that we needed to have a good breeder to minimize the health risks common to this breed, we asked our original breeder if he had a puppy or if he could make a recommendation. He recommended Vivianne, whose Frenchie recently had a litter. Vivianne was a dream to work with. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable about French Bulldogs, she clearly cared about all of her puppies. She sent us pictures and even videos while we were waiting for Rudy to be old enough to bring home. Although she lives in Louisiana and we live in Pennsylvania, she was willing to bring the puppy to the home our original breeder. She kept us apprised of each and every vet visit and milestone that Rudy achieved and she raised him with love. Even after we brought Rudy home, she kept in contact with us, asking us for pictures and news of his development. From her questions, we could tell she wanted to know that Rudy was in a good home and that he was loved. (He is.) She has sent Rudy birthday wishes and has sent us pictures of his brother and even his niece. Vivianne has been a great resource for us when we had questions and I am happy she is still a part of ours and Rudy's life.

Karen D. - Pennsylvania (June 2017)

I brought Hugo to my home when he was about 10 weeks old. When I first saw him I immediately fell in love. Such impressive features and color. He expressed so much love and excitement. Hugo walks around fearless, he immediately felt comfortable with me, my fiancé, and our Boxer. The spunky attitude from Hugo brings us daily joy and keeps our Boxer on his toes. Although he can be wild and fun, he looks up to our Boxer like an older brother. During training sessions, Hugo never fails to disappoint, he is so smart and picks up on training and obedience quickly. Who said frenchman are hard to train? Hugo definitely likes to learn. His puppy stage has been the best experience I have ever had and even heard of. He gives me no trouble at night and focuses to only destroy his toys. Hugo’s breeder, Vivianne is such a professional. Incredibly informative and takes extreme care to breed beautiful, spunky, intelligent French Bulldogs. In addition, Vivianne answers all my questions if I have any concerns or doubts. For being my first French Bulldog, I couldn't have found a better frenchie from a great breeder to add to my family. Thank You!

Joseph P. - New Orleans, Louisiana (June 2017)

Our search for the right breeder who would chose us to adopt the perfect frenchie started out with tons of research. We learned about the breed, temperament, health and also what we wanted in a breeder and what we didn't want in a breeder. After searching for what seemed like forever, I came across Vivianne and her pack of Vixbull frenchies, and after multiple conversations - we knew she was the right breeder (extended family) for us. We had to just hope & pray she felt the same way about us....and she did!!! After what seemed like forever, we were blessed with our lovable, funny, quirky, stubborn little man, Mickey and he was absolutely worth the wait!!! He completes our family and is everything a true frenchie should be and much more! Vivianne is always there to see him grow, to give advice and to answer any questions we have. She truly cares about the breed and her pups and it shows! I cannot thank her enough for choosing us!!! Thanks again Vivianne!!!

Scarlet & Tracy C., Connecticut (June 2017)

Our decision to add a new puppy to our family was something we thought about for quite some time. We knew exactly what breed of dog we wanted, and it was going to be a French Bulldog. After doing our research, we knew how important it was to find a reputable breeder. Fortunately, our search led us to Vixbull and Vivianne. We were so excited we could hardly stand it. Vivianne was amazing to work with. She kept us updated on vet checks, sent pictures and videos so we could see how our new pup was growing, and was always available to answer all our questions. A few weeks later we were blessed to bring home our sweet Nola! The 5 of us fell immediately in love. Our lives will forever be changed now that we’ve been introduced to the frog sit and the Frenchie 500. Our expectations were exceeded in every way, and it didn't take long for us to start thinking about wanting to add another Frenchie to our family. Vivianne will forever be a part of our lives, and we look forward to getting another puppy from Vixbull in the future!

Keri W., Alpharetta, GA (June 2017)